How Does the AIRHEAD BIG EZ SKI Towable Tube Water Ski Trainer Compare to Other Trainers?

As an enthusiast and advisor on water ski trainers, I’m always on the lookout for new products that might revolutionize the way we ski. Recently, I came across the AIRHEAD BIG EZ SKI Towable Tube Water Ski Trainer. It’s quite the name, I know, but this product is just as impressive. It’s a refreshing take on water ski trainers that blends safety, comfort, and performance into an exciting package.


About AIRHEAD BIG EZ SKI Towable Tube Water Ski Trainer

AIRHEAD is no stranger to those of us immersed in the world of water sports. Known for their high-quality equipment and innovative designs, they have outdone themselves with the BIG EZ SKI Towable Tube Water Ski Trainer. This product is essentially a trainer and a towable tube in one, offering a unique blend of fun and learning for those new to water skiing and those looking to improve their skills.


Key Features of the Product

The BIG EZ SKI is packed with features that make it stand out from the crowd. The trainer aspect is perfect for teaching kids and beginners the ropes, while the towable tube adds a fun element that appeals to all ages. It’s built with sturdy, high-quality materials to withstand heavy use, and the inflatable seats and footrests ensure comfort during long hours on the water.


Construction and Material Quality


One of the standout aspects of the BIG EZ SKI is its durability. Made with high-quality materials, it’s built to withstand frequent and heavy use. Whether you’re using it daily or only on the weekends, you can expect it to last.


Safety is always a top priority when it comes to water sports equipment. Luckily, the BIG EZ SKI doesn’t disappoint. The unique design of the towable tube and the sturdy construction work together to ensure users are safe and secure at all times.


Comfort is another area where this product shines. The towable tube is equipped with inflatable seats and footrests, offering unrivaled comfort during use. You can enjoy hours of fun without any discomfort.


Ease of Use


Setting up the BIG EZ SKI is a breeze. It inflates quickly, so you can get it in the water and start skiing in no time.


When it comes to handling, the compact design of the BIG EZ SKI makes it easy to maneuver. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find it simple to control.


Maintenance is another area where this product excels. It requires minimal upkeep, allowing you to focus more on the fun and less on maintenance.




The BIG EZ SKI impresses in terms of speed. With the right boat, you can reach exhilarating speeds, slicing through the water with ease.


Stability is another strong suit. The unique towable tube design keeps the product stable in the water, giving you confidence and control, even at higher speeds.


The design of the towable tube also contributes to excellent control. It’s easy to turn and maneuver, allowing you to navigate the water with ease.


Pros and Cons


  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Safety-centric design
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Fantastic performance


  • Some users might find it a bit bulky


Comparison with Similar Products

Compared to other water ski trainers, the BIG EZ SKI stands out for its unique towable tube design and user-friendly features. It’s slightly more expensive than some other options, but the superior quality and performance more than justify the cost.


Who Should Buy this Product?


For beginners, the BIG EZ SKI is a great starting point. It offers safety and stability, helping them to build confidence and master the basics.


Even professionals can benefit from this product. Its high performance and control make it an excellent tool for honing skills.


For families, the BIG EZ SKI offers a fun and safe way to enjoy water skiing. It’s suitable for users of all ages, making it a fantastic choice for family outings.

Pricing and Where to Buy

The BIG EZ SKI is available on Amazon. It’s a bit pricier than some other options, but considering the quality and performance, the cost is reasonable. Interested buyers can check the current prices on Amazon.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the AIRHEAD BIG EZ SKI Towable Tube Water Ski Trainer is a superb product that offers a great blend of safety, comfort, and performance. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned pro, or looking for a fun family activity, this water ski trainer has something to offer you. It’s a product that promises to enhance your water skiing experience, letting you enjoy the thrill of the sport like never before.

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