How Good Is the Airhead BONZAI Wakesurfer (AHWS-F01) for Beginners and Experts? Our Review

As an enthusiast of water sports and a keen advocate for safety, I am thrilled to share my review on the Airhead BONZAI Wakesurfer. Wakesurfing, a unique water sport that beautifully intertwines the thrills of wakeboarding and surfing, offers an experience like no other. Central to this sport is the board, and today we are focusing on the Airhead BONZAI Wakesurfer, a gem in its own right.

Background on Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing is an exciting water sport that relies on the wake created by a boat to surf. This sport is akin to wakeboarding; however, the fundamental difference lies in the fact that wakesurfers are not directly attached to the boat. They initially use a tow rope to build momentum and, once the wave is steady, let go of the rope and surf the boat’s wake. A thrilling adventure that harnesses the power of water and speed!

Airhead as a Brand

Airhead has been a reputable player in the water sports equipment industry, and the BONZAI Wakesurfer is a testament to their high-quality products. With its sturdy construction and a surf-style design that pays homage to the classic 1960s woody-style surfboards, this wakesurf board is a perfect companion for beginners and experts alike.


Features and Specifications

Compression Molded

The BONZAI Wakesurfer takes pride in its compression molded fiberglass design. This construction methodology not only assures durability but also offers a lightweight performance. The combination ensures that the board can withstand repeated use and still perform efficiently, wave after wave.

Traction Pads

Large molded EVA pads are a standout feature of the BONZAI Wakesurfer. These traction pads provide a secure grip, facilitating control over the board’s movements. This attribute is indispensable, allowing riders to make fluid twists and turns with every wave.

Progressive Rails

The board incorporates progressive rails designed for quick maneuvers and tight turns, providing an incredibly responsive ride. This feature tailors its response to your movements without overcomplicating the ride, making it ideal for individuals who are either learning the ropes of wakesurfing or refining their style.


The BONZAI Wakesurfer’s performance is exceptional. Its design allows riders to cruise at high speeds without experiencing unnecessary drag. Thanks to its surf-style rocker and a tapered profile, riders can enjoy a thrilling ride that mimics the exhilarating sensation of ocean surfing.


Strengths and Weaknesses


The BONZAI Wakesurfer’s strengths lie in its superior construction, user-friendly design, and impressive performance features. Its robust, compression molded construction guarantees longevity, while the traction pads and progressive rails offer excellent control and responsiveness.


While the BONZAI Wakesurfer is a versatile board suitable for beginners and experts alike, it may lack the specialized features that certain advanced riders might be after. Additionally, its stability and control-centric design might be less enticing for thrill-seekers who prefer a more unpredictable, wild ride.


User Experience

For Beginners

For those new to wakesurfing, the BONZAI Wakesurfer is an excellent starting point. Its stability is a key feature that makes learning how to ride a more manageable task. The molded EVA pads ensure secure footing, which is a must-have when you’re just starting out. Even the progressive rails contribute to a beginner-friendly experience as they respond well to the rider’s movements without making the ride feel out of control. It’s a board designed with the learner in mind, making the steep learning curve of wakesurfing a little less daunting.

For Experts

Even expert wakesurfers will find a lot to love about the BONZAI Wakesurfer. The board’s responsive design enables tight turns and fast maneuvers, letting you ride the wave exactly how you want. The durable construction can stand up to frequent use, so it won’t let you down no matter how often you take to the water. The BONZAI Wakesurfer provides the reliability and performance that experienced riders need, making it a trustworthy addition to any watersport enthusiast’s gear.



The Airhead BONZAI Wakesurfer comes with a price tag of $292.99. For a board of its quality and features, this price is quite reasonable. It offers significant value, especially when considering its durability, performance features, and user-friendly design. It’s an investment that guarantees countless hours of fun and thrilling rides. If you’re interested, you might want to check the current prices on Amazon.



The Airhead BONZAI Wakesurfer is a versatile board that caters to a wide range of users. It’s an excellent joice for beginners getting their feet wet in wake surfing. And even for seasoned experts looking for a reliable ride. It strikes a fine balance between stability, control, and performance, making it a top contender for anyone interested in the sport. Despite a few minor drawbacks, they are vastly outweighed by their strengths, and I highly recommend it to anyone. 

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