Why is the CWB Water Ski – Connelly Outlaw Slalom Ski a Waterskiing Enthusiast’s Dream? An Insightful Review

Hello there, fellow waterski enthusiasts! There’s a certain thrill to gliding over the waves, feeling the spray of water against your skin, and the adrenaline rush as you navigate the open waters. Today, I bring to you an exclusive, in-depth review of the CWB Water Ski, specifically the popular – Connelly Outlaw Slalom Ski. Whether you’re a seasoned pro scouting for your next gear upgrade or a novice about to embark on your first waterskiing adventure, you’ll find this review incredibly useful.

About the Connelly Outlaw

The Connelly Outlaw is a leading open water ski from CWB, a reputable brand that has firmly established itself in the water sports industry. CWB’s commitment to innovation and quality is well-known, and the Connelly Outlaw is a testament to that. This water ski has been making waves (pun intended) amongst both professional and amateur water skiers, and in this review, we’ll delve into why.


Features and Specifications of the Connelly Outlaw Slalom Ski

One look at the Connelly Outlaw, and you’ll know it means business. But it’s not just about aesthetics. There’s a lot under the hood that propels this water ski to outshine its competitors.

Size and Design

The Connelly Outlaw, measuring 67 inches in length, offers a suitable fit for a broad range of adult skiers. Its design, sleek and modern, doesn’t just win points for aesthetics, but also plays a pivotal role in its on-water performance.

Construction Material

Crafted from a composite material that balances lightness and durability, the Connelly Outlaw is a product of thoughtful engineering. This ski promises to withstand the test of time, regular usage, and the challenging open-water conditions while delivering optimum performance.

Binding System

One of my favorite features of the Connelly Outlaw is its adjustable binding system. This feature is a godsend for families or groups with varying foot sizes. It ensures everyone gets a snug and secure fit, improving control and reducing the chances of accidents.

Fins and Edges

The water ski comes equipped with sharp edges and a fiberglass-reinforced fin. This combination facilitates exceptional control and maneuverability on water, turning every session into an adventure.


Performance and User Experience

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and with the Connelly Outlaw, the proof lies in its on-water performance.

Ride Quality

Out on the water, the Connelly Outlaw truly shines. It offers a smooth and comfortable ride that caters to both adrenaline junkies and tranquility seekers. The ski’s design minimizes spray, making for a relatively dry and undoubtedly enjoyable experience.

Control and Stability

The Connelly Outlaw excels in offering top-notch control and stability. The sharp edge and reinforced fin work hand in hand to give the skier a sense of control, even at high speeds. This sense of control and stability brings a significant level of confidence to the skier, further enhancing the overall experience.

Speed and Maneuverability

When it comes to speed, the Connelly Outlaw is a beast. It zips through the water, offering an exhilarating experience. But the real thrill lies in its quick turns and stellar maneuverability. The ski cuts through the water and allows for quick, sharp turns, making it a delight for thrill-seekers.


Strengths and Weaknesses

As with any product, the CWB Water Ski – Connelly Outlaw Slalom Ski has its highs and lows. Its strengths lie in its sturdy build quality, excellent control, and the versatility it offers. However, for those new to the sport, its speed and quick turning might seem a bit overwhelming at first. It requires a certain level of skill and experience to fully appreciate and leverage these features.


Price and Availability

In terms of pricing, the Connelly Outlaw sits comfortably in the mid to high-end range. While it might seem steep at first glance, when you consider its performance, durability, and the endless hours of fun it promises, it justifies its price tag. You can check the current prices on Amazon by clicking here.


Alternatives to Connelly Outlaw

If you’re exploring other options, you might want to consider the Radar P-6 or the O’Brien Reactor. Both models bring unique experiences to the table and might suit different preferences and budgets. It’s always good to explore all available options before making a decision.


My Verdict

All in all, the Connelly Outlaw is a top-notch choice for those seeking a blend of performance, control, and durability in a water ski. Its features might be a bit daunting for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, the Connelly Outlaw could well be a game-changer in your waterskiing adventures.



The CWB Water Ski – Connelly Outlaw Slalom Ski is more than just a piece of equipment—it’s a gateway to an unforgettable waterskiing experience. Sure, it has a couple of weaknesses, but what product doesn’t? What matters most is that it brings a lot more to the table in terms of strengths. It is, without a doubt, an investment worth considering for all the beautiful moments it promises on the water. Remember, the best water ski isn’t determined by the price tag or the brand name—it’s about how well it aligns with your style and needs. So, as you embark on your waterskiing journey, my fellow enthusiasts, remember to enjoy every moment. Happy skiing, folks!

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