Why is the CWB Connelly Firecracker the Best Kids Waterski Trainer on the Market?

As someone who’s been drawn to the thrill and exhilaration of waterskiing for years, I’ve always had a keen interest in equipment and gear that make the sport more accessible and enjoyable for all ages. Recently, my attention was captured by the CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer. With its distinctive design and strong focus on the safety and enjoyment of young skiers, this product seemed like it was worth a closer look. This review aims to delve into the key features, strengths, and weaknesses of this kid-friendly waterski trainer.


Why Kids Need a Good Waterski Trainer

Before we dive into the review, let’s talk about why kids need a good waterski trainer. Waterskiing is a thrilling sport, but it’s also challenging and can be dangerous if not approached with caution. A quality waterski trainer not only makes learning easier but also keeps your little ones safe.


Overview of CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer

This high-performance trainer is an incredible blend of practical design, ease of use, and sheer excitement. Its distinctive, kid-friendly design comes with attached skis that offer a wider base for superior stability, perfect for those tiny feet making their debut on the water. From hesitant beginners to confident young skiers, the Firecracker welcomes all, offering an experience that’s both safe and exhilarating.


Key Features


The CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer boasts a unique design where the skis are attached together, providing a broader base. This design ensures enhanced stability and balance, simplifying the process for beginners to stay upright. For kids making their first foray into waterskiing, this feature could make a substantial difference in their initial experience and motivation to keep trying.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is a prominent characteristic of the CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer. This trait is particularly beneficial for young skiers, with children as young as four or five being able to stay up and balance on the skis. This ease of use mainly stems from the wide base and the attached design of the skis, making the CWB Connelly Firecracker a perfect choice for little ones trying waterskiing for the first time.


Safety considerations are paramount when it comes to water sports equipment for children, and the CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer doesn’t disappoint in this area. The tow line is affixed directly to the skis while the child holds a handle that is connected to the board. This arrangement facilitates balance during the initial stages of getting up on the skis and offers an additional safety measure, providing reassurance for both the child and supervising adults.



One of the key strengths of the CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer lies in its excellent stability. Its unique design makes it easier for kids to maintain their balance and truly enjoy their skiing experience. The stability of this product can encourage confidence in young skiers, allowing them to focus on the fun and excitement of the sport rather than worrying about staying upright.

Safety Features

The thoughtful safety features of the CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer are another significant strength. The arrangement of the tow line and handle offers an extra layer of security, helping to prevent accidents and giving parents peace of mind. These safety features underscore the product’s dedication to providing a safe and enjoyable waterskiing experience for kids.

High-quality Build

Despite its kid-friendly design, the CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer does not compromise on build quality. The skis are robustly constructed. They are built to withstand the rigors of water sports and ensure many seasons of fun on the water.


Rope Quality

Despite its high-quality build, one area of the CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer that could use improvement is the rope. Some users have reported that the rope feels cheap and has broken several times.


What People Say About the Connelly Firecracker

The CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer has received generally positive reviews from users. Many reviewers have particularly appreciated its suitability for beginners. The trainer has been reported to be easy for young children to use. In fact,  several parents noted that their children were able to stay up on the water without much difficulty. 



As of May 6, 2023, the CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer is available on Amazon for $134.99. There are free returns and free delivery options available. Please note that prices may fluctuate, and it’s always a good idea to check the latest prices from the seller or retailer

Check its current price on Amazon here!



The CWB Connelly Firecracker Kids Waterski Trainer is an investment worth considering for your little one’s foray into water sports. It blends durability, comfort, and user-friendly features into a sleek, eye-catching design. This trainer ensures that your kids can learn and enjoy their water-skiing adventures to the fullest. So, are you ready to make a splash? Happy skiing!

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