The Perfect Splash or a Soggy Flop? My Review of the HO Excel Combo Waterskis W/Horseshoe/RTS Bindings

Ready to make waves this summer? Dive into our review of the HO Excel Combo Skis W/Horseshoe/RTS Bindings – a fusion of fun and functionality that’s set to revolutionize your waterskiing experience. Whether you’re a rookie rider or a seasoned skier, these skis promise to be your reliable partner on the water. So, buckle up your life vests, folks! We’re about to embark on a deep dive into what makes these skis a standout choice for your next waterskiing adventure. Hang tight and ride along!


Product Overview

Brief Description

The HO Excel Combo Skis W/Horseshoe/RTS Bindings are a set of waterskis designed to boost your fun and skill levels on the lake. They come in three sizes. 59″ for those up to 120lbs, 63″ for those between 110lbs and 160lbs, and 67″ for those over 140lbs.

Key Features

These skis feature a traditional waterski shape known for its dependability. They have a tunnel bottom design for added stability, making them suitable for a range of waterski enthusiasts, from beginners to the more experienced​.


Product Design

Traditional Water Ski Shape

The HO Excel Combo Skis sport a traditional water ski shape, a design proven for its dependability. The familiar form factor provides a sense of comfort and predictability to the rider, ensuring that the skis perform as expected in various water conditions. This shape is an excellent choice for those who appreciate consistency and reliability in their waterskiing equipment. 

Tunnel Bottom Design

One of the stand-out features of these skis is their tunnel bottom design. This innovative design provides a stable ride by effectively channeling water flow, reducing drag and improving the overall performance. Whether you’re a beginner just getting started or an experienced skier looking for a reliable pair of skis, the added stability from this design can significantly enhance your waterskiing experience​.

HO Trainer Bar Compatibility

The HO Excel Combo Skis are compatible with the HO Trainer Bar, a feature that truly sets them apart. The trainer bar keeps the ski tips together, making starting and learning easier for beginners. This is a thoughtful addition that can make the learning process less intimidating for those new to the sport, ensuring that fun is at the forefront of their experience.


Ease of Use

Adjustable Horseshoe Bindings

The Excel Combo Skis are equipped with adjustable horseshoe bindings, a thoughtful feature that accommodates a large range of foot sizes. This adjustability makes these skis versatile and suitable for sharing among family and friends. The bindings are designed for comfort and ease of use, making the overall waterskiing experience more enjoyable​.

Learning to Waterski with HO Excel Combo Skis

These skis also come with a free “Learn2waterski” instructional video link, further solidifying their position as an excellent choice for beginners. This video can help new waterski enthusiasts get excited and confident about their new journey, providing valuable tips and instructions to improve their skills.



Speed and Stability

The HO Excel Combo Skis have a recommended speed of up to 26mph. The combination of their traditional shape and tunnel bottom design allows for stable and fast rides. One user even commented, “I went really fast,” highlighting the skis’ ability to provide exhilarating speed​.

Personal Experience/Anecdotes

While I was unable to find extensive user reviews during my research, the one user anecdote I found suggested that the HO Excel Combo Skis indeed deliver on their promise of speed. As an enthusiast, I can attest that speed is an essential part of the thrill of waterskiing. These skis, with their design and features, seem well-equipped to provide that experience.



The HO Excel Combo Skis W/Horseshoe/RTS Bindings are reasonably priced, considering the features they offer. The skis are listed at various prices, around $169.99 and $234.99, with occasional discounts available. Considering the skis’ design and the versatility they offer, they provide good value for money. You can always check the current prices on Amazon.


Pros and Cons


  • Traditional Water Ski Shape: The familiar design provides a sense of comfort and predictability. This ensures that the skis perform as expected in various water conditions.
  • Tunnel Bottom Design: This innovative feature provides a stable ride by effectively channelling water flow. It helps reduce drag and improve overall performance.
  • HO Trainer Bar Compatibility: This feature is perfect for beginners as it keeps the ski tips together. It makes starting and learning easier.
  • Adjustable Horseshoe Bindings: The bindings accommodate a large range of foot sizes, thus making these skis versatile and suitable for sharing among family and friends.
  • Instructional Video Link Included: The inclusion of a free “Learn2waterski” video makes these skis an excellent choice for beginners, providing valuable tips to improve their skills.


  • Limited User Reviews: During my research, I found limited user reviews for the HO Excel Combo Skis. While this doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the skis, potential buyers may find it harder to make an informed decision without a broader range of user experiences.


Comparison with Similar Products

While I don’t have specific comparable products at this time, it’s worth noting that the HO Excel Combo Skis stand out for their beginner-friendly features, such as the HO Trainer Bar compatibility and the inclusion of an instructional video. Their traditional water ski shape and tunnel bottom design also provide dependability and stability, making them a solid choice for both beginners and more experienced waterskiers.


Concluding Thoughts

The HO Excel Combo Skis W/Horseshoe/RTS Bindings are a well-rounded pair of water skis that cater to a wide range of users. From their traditional shape and tunnel bottom design for added stability to their compatibility with the HO Trainer Bar and adjustable horseshoe bindings, these skis are designed with user experience in mind. Their price point offers good value, considering the features they offer and the versatility they provide.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to dip your toes in the world of waterskiing or an experienced skier seeking a reliable pair of skis, the HO Excel Combo Skis is a product worth considering.  Remember, the joy of waterskiing isn’t just about the speed or the thrill. It’s about the freedom of gliding on the water. It’s all about the camaraderie among fellow waterskiers and the personal satisfaction of improving your skills over time. Happy skiing!

I hope this review has been helpful and informative. If you have any other questions or need further information, feel free to ask!


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