Wakeboard Like a Pro: An Insider’s Review of the Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 Blk w/Black Remix Boots 10-14

I’ve been an ardent wakeboarding enthusiast for years, and as such, I always keep my eyes on the latest and the best gear that can enhance my experience on the water. My latest exploration led me to the Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 Blk w/Black Remix Boots 10-14. With its striking looks and promising features, I couldn’t help but get my hands on this set. So, is it worth the investment? Let’s find out.

First Impressions

My first interaction with the Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 was a visual treat. Its stylish and sleek black design oozed sophistication, and the accompanying Black Remix Boots had an equally appealing look. The set exuded an aura of quality and reliability that stirred up my excitement to give it a spin.

Unboxing Experience

The unboxing experience was straightforward and enjoyable. The packaging was robust, ensuring the board and boots arrived without any dents or scratches. The set was well-organized inside the box, with clear instructions included, making the setup process an absolute breeze.

Design & Style

The Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 Blk is a stunning wakeboard. With its smooth, clean lines, and sharp black color, it’s hard not to appreciate the attention to detail that went into its design. The wakeboard’s aesthetic appeal is matched by its functional design, which ensures both an attractive and high-performing wakeboard.

Key Features

One of the Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0’s main draws is its suite of features. It comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a top-tier wakeboard.

Build Quality

One of the areas where the Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 truly shines is its build quality. It’s apparent that Hyperlite has put in significant effort to ensure the wakeboard is robust and durable. The board feels incredibly solid in hand, and the high-quality material suggests that it can withstand the challenges of aggressive wakeboarding.


For me, the most important aspect of any wakeboard is its performance. And I’m pleased to report that the Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 delivers on this front.

Speed & Control

The Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 is designed for speed and control. It glides over the water with an effortless grace that’s hard to find in other boards. The board responds well to shifts in weight and direction, giving you the control you need to perform tricks or simply navigate the water with ease.

Stability & Balance

Equally impressive is the board’s stability and balance. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned wakeboarder, you’ll appreciate the balance this board provides. The design minimizes the chances of catching an edge, reducing wipeouts, and making your time on the water more enjoyable.

Black Remix Boots 10-14

The Black Remix Boots 10-14 that accompany the wakeboard are nothing short of impressive. They are designed with both comfort and performance in mind, making them an ideal match for the Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0.

Comfort & Fit

What impressed me most about the Black Remix Boots 10-14 is their comfort. The boots mold to the shape of your feet, providing a snug yet comfortable fit. Even after prolonged use, the boots don’t cause any discomfort, ensuring your focus remains on the exhilarating ride ahead.

Durability & Performance

The boots are not just comfortable but are also incredibly durable. Built to withstand the rigors of intense wakeboarding sessions, these boots promise to last you for seasons. When it comes to performance, they offer excellent support and control, enhancing your overall wakeboarding experience.


Given the quality and performance of the Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 and Black Remix Boots 10-14, you might expect them to come with a hefty price tag. But I found the price quite reasonable considering the value they offer. Check the current prices on Amazon.

Pros & Cons

After thorough testing and evaluation, here are the clear strengths and potential weaknesses of the Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 Blk w/Black Remix Boots 10-14:


  • High Quality and Durable: Both the wakeboard and boots are built to last, handling intense wakeboarding sessions without a hitch.
  • Excellent Performance: The Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 delivers excellent speed and control, enabling a smooth ride and thrilling experience on the water.
  • Stability and Balance: The design and build of the wakeboard ensure a balanced ride, which can be particularly beneficial for beginners.
  • Comfortable Boots: The Black Remix Boots 10-14 are extremely comfortable, fitting snugly around the feet and ensuring no discomfort even after prolonged use.
  • Value for Money: Given the superior build, performance, and comfort, the price is quite reasonable, offering excellent value for money.
  • Appealing Design: The sleek, black design of the wakeboard and boots is aesthetically pleasing and sure to draw compliments.
  • Easy Setup: The wakeboard and boots are easy to set up straight out of the box, with clear instructions included.


  • Design Not for Everyone: The all-black design, while sleek and modern, may not appeal to everyone’s taste.
  • Potential for Scratches: The dark color may show scratches and scuffs more easily over time.
  • Size of Boots: The boots may not be the perfect fit for everyone. As with any footwear, it is crucial to check the size chart and ensure it matches your requirements before purchasing.

All things considered, the Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 Blk w/Black Remix Boots 10-14 still comes out as a top choice for wakeboarding enthusiasts of all levels.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Hyperlite 145 State Wakeboard 2.0 Blk w/Black Remix Boots 10-14 is a fantastic set that offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. Whether you’re a beginner just dipping your toes into the world of wakeboarding or a seasoned pro looking for a reliable set, this Hyperlite combo could be your perfect match. It delivers where it counts and promises a thrilling and enjoyable wakeboarding experience. So why wait? Grab your set and get ready for an exciting ride!

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