Where Can RAVE Sports Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis Take Your Child’s Watersport Skills?

The world of water sports is filled with exhilarating activities, and water skiing is one of the most loved among them. For youngsters eager to take on the sport, having the right equipment is crucial. Enter the RAVE Sports Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis, a product that promises to deliver an enjoyable and safe water skiing experience. In this review, I’ll take a deep dive into the features, performance, and overall value of these water skis.


About RAVE Sports

RAVE Sports is a well-known name in the water sports industry, having earned a reputation for its extensive range of high-quality water recreation products. The company is committed to blending quality, style, and innovation, and this ethos is clearly visible in the Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis. Perfectly designed for young learners, these skis epitomize RAVE Sports’ dedication to providing enjoyable and safe water sports experiences.


Features of the RAVE Sports Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis

The Jr. Shredder water skis come packed with a variety of features designed to enhance the water skiing experience. The wide body style with a removable stabilizer bar offers young learners additional balance and stability. This design reduces the chances of falling, making the skiing experience more fun and less intimidating for beginners.

Another standout feature is the double density adjustable slide binding. This thoughtful design element ensures a comfortable fit and provides the necessary ankle support for a secure skiing experience. It’s designed to be soft on the inside for comfort, while the outside layer is stiffer to offer support.

In terms of specifications, these water skis are particularly designed for riders weighing between 80 and 125 lbs., with dimensions of 54″ x 7.5″ x 1″. The size and weight capacity make them an ideal choice for young skiers looking to take on the sport.


Benefits of the RAVE Sports Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis

Beyond just the features, it’s the tangible benefits of the Jr. Shredder water skis that truly make them stand out. These skis are specifically designed to be ideal for beginners transitioning to an intermediate level. The wide design of the skis helps young skiers maintain balance, a crucial aspect of learning to ski. Additionally, the pre-mounted slalom toe provides aid in transitioning from two skis to one, thereby easing the journey from a beginner to an intermediate skier.

Moreover, the design of these skis prioritizes comfort and support. The adjustable slide bindings, soft on the inside, provide a snug yet comfortable fit. The added foot cushioning through soft step inserts further enhances the overall comfort. The outer layer of the bindings is stiffer, providing the needed ankle support. This balance of comfort and support makes long skiing sessions enjoyable rather than tiring.


Performance of the RAVE Sports Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis

When it comes to performance, the Jr. Shredder water skis shine brightly. Their wide shape and design allow for better balance and stability on the water, particularly benefiting young and beginner skiers. The removable stabilizer bar is a bonus, providing an extra layer of stability for those just starting out in the sport.

The skis also facilitate a smooth transition to the intermediate level. The pre-mounted slalom toe is a feature that shines in this aspect, helping young skiers move from skiing with two skis to skiing with one. This eases the learning curve and helps develop confidence in young skiers.


Comparison with Other Water Skis

The Jr. Shredder water skis possess unique features that make them stand out from other water skis. The combination of the wide design, adjustable slide binding, and removable stabilizer bar provides a level of comfort and stability that is not always found in youth water skis.

Value for Money

Priced at $219.99, the RAVE Sports Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis offer great value for money. The quality construction, unique features, and positive performance make it a worthy investment for young water sports enthusiasts.

Where to Buy

To get the best deal on the RAVE Sports Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis, I recommend checking the current prices on Amazon. This platform often offers discounts and deals that can help you save money on your purchase.


Who Should Buy the RAVE Sports Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis?

These water skis are ideal for children weighing between 80 and 125 lbs who are learning to water ski. They’re also a great option for kids transitioning from beginner to intermediate level, thanks to the pre-mounted slalom toe and adjustable slide binding.


Pros and Cons of the RAVE Sports Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis

Strengths of the product:

  • Wide design aids in balance
  • Double density adjustable slide binding offers comfort and support
  • Removable stabilizer bar enhances stability for beginners
  • Pre-mounted slalom toe assists in transition to intermediate level

Weaknesses of the product:

  • Limited weight range (80-125 lbs)
  • Price may be a bit high for some budgets



In conclusion, the RAVE Sports Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis are a high-quality product that delivers in terms of performance and value. They offer a range of features and benefits that make them ideal for young skiers, especially those transitioning from beginner to intermediate level. The comfort and stability provided by the design are commendable, making these water skis a great investment for young water sports enthusiasts. While the price may be a bit high for some, the quality and benefits of these water skis justify the cost. Therefore, I highly recommend the RAVE Sports Jr. Shredder Youth Water Skis for your young ones diving into the thrilling world of water skiing. 

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