How Good Are the O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis, 67″ – A Comprehensive Review

Hey there, fellow water sports enthusiasts! I bet you’re here because you share the same passion as I do – the thrill and adrenaline that comes from gliding over water on a perfect sunny day. You’re probably hunting for a quality set of water skis. Today, I’m going to introduce you to a pair that has made my water sports experience worthwhile – the OBrien Reactor Combo Water Skis, 67“. I’ll be delving into the finer details of this impressive pair of water skis, discussing everything from its features and performance, to its comfort and price.


About O’Brien

If you’re new to water sports, you may not know O’Brien. This brand has been a household name in the world of water sports for years, earning a reputation for crafting high-quality, reliable gear. A frontrunner in the industry, they’ve been contributing to water sports enthusiasts’ happiness since their inception. O’Brien’s innovation and design never fail to enhance the enjoyment of every water sport adventure.


Overview of O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis, 67″

Let’s talk specifics now. The O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis are a versatile and robust pair of skis, making them a popular choice among both beginners and experienced riders. They measure 67″ and come with adjustable bindings that can be customized for an individual’s comfort and skill level. This pair is designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of every water sport enthusiast.


Features of the O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis, 67″

These water skis don’t just look good – they come packed with features designed to enhance your performance on the water. Firstly, the Pinch Slide adjustable bindings, which are a highlight of this model. These bindings allow for personalized adjustments, making them suitable for different foot sizes and providing maximum control. The dual tunnel design is another excellent feature that offers impressive stability, making your ride smoother. Plus, the skis are built with a reinforced composite construction, ensuring they’re strong and durable.


A water ski’s performance can make or break your water sports experience. The performance of these skis is nothing short of remarkable. The dual tunnel design, which I mentioned earlier, ensures stability. This design allows for better tracking and easier control while you’re cutting through the water. Additionally, the wider forebody of the skis makes starts easier, even for beginners.


These skis are not a one-season wonder. They’re built to last. Crafted with a sturdy composite construction, they demonstrate resilience against the typical wear and tear that comes with water sports. The durability of these skis means they’re a long-term investment, offering you excellent value for your money.


Your comfort is paramount when it comes to water sports. The O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis don’t disappoint in this department either. The adjustable bindings and the overall design of the skis ensure they feel comfortable, even during long rides. The bindings offer a custom fit, ensuring they stay snug and secure, offering a more enjoyable and safe experience.



Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the price. While these skis might not be the cheapest on the market, they offer fantastic value for money given their quality and features. They fall into the mid-range category, but when you consider the innovative design, superior performance, and durability, it’s worth every penny. You can check the current prices on Amazon.


Who Should Buy OBrien Reactor Combo Water Skis, 67″?

Who is the ideal user of these skis? I would say, these skis are perfect for anyone, regardless of skill level, looking for a reliable and versatile pair of water skis. Whether you’re a novice rider looking to learn or an experienced skier seeking to upgrade your gear, the O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis, 67″ could be the ideal fit for you.


Pros of OBrien Reactor Combo Water Skis, 67″

There are many advantages to these skis. The excellent stability provided by the dual tunnel design, the adjustable bindings which offer a customized fit, and the reinforced composite construction ensuring durability are all standout features. Moreover, they cater to all skill levels and offer great value for the price.


Cons of OBrien Reactor Combo Water Skis, 67″

But let’s be fair and discuss the potential downsides. For some riders, particularly those who are exceptionally tall or heavy, these 67″ skis might seem a bit short. While they are designed to accommodate a wide range of users, they may not be the perfect fit for everyone.



If we compare the O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis to other similar skis on the market, they hold their own. They deliver a combination of performance, durability, and comfort that is hard to beat. Moreover, their versatility in accommodating various skill levels sets them apart from many other models.


My Personal Experience

Having personally used these skis, I can attest to their quality. The performance they delivered was top-notch, and I found them extremely comfortable to use. They provided stability and control, which made my skiing experience a joy. They’ve become a personal favorite of mine in my water sports adventures.



Based on my comprehensive analysis and personal experience, I can confidently say that if you’re in the market for a new pair of water skis, I highly recommend the O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis, 67″. They’re an investment you won’t regret.



To sum it up, the O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis, 67″ are a reliable, durable, and high-performing pair of water skis. They offer great value for money and are suitable for all skill levels. With their excellent features and performance, they make a fantastic choice for any water sports enthusiast. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your current gear, don’t hesitate to check them out!

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