Breaking Down the Radar Waterski Carbitex Vapor Boot: An Expert Review

Are you looking for a waterski boot that combines the latest technology with a user-friendly design? If so, the Radar Waterski Carbitex Vapor Boot – Front Aluminum Plate – Left might be the perfect choice for you. In this review, we’ll delve into the features, strengths, and weaknesses of this boot to help you make an informed decision.


Product Overview

Manufacturer Information

Radar Skis is a reputable company known for its innovative and high-quality water sports equipment. They have a track record of producing products that enhance your on-water experience with their cutting-edge designs and technology.

Product Description

The Radar Waterski Carbitex Vapor Boot is a standout product in the waterski footwear category. This boot redefines what is possible in waterski footwear by creating the pinnacle in hybrid boot technology. For the first time, a rigid lower skeleton is connected to a Carbitex upper cuff to create the perfect blend of connection and control. This boot is designed to give you complete control over the edges of your ski while allowing you to move over your ski with ease, helping you find balance and connection to the water.


The boot features a Boa Lacing System, Carbitex CX6 Upper, Fully Molded Lower Skeleton, Dual Density Intuition Liner, Molded 3D Tongue, and Vapor Chassis. Each feature contributes to the overall performance and comfort of the boots.

Available Sizes

The boot is available in sizes 6/7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13/14, ensuring a perfect fit for every enthusiasts.


Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The boot’s design and technology are what set it apart from the competition. The following are the key technological aspects of the boot:

Carbitex Technology

Carbitex is a carbon fiber textile that is more reactive than any other material in the market. This technology translates into an unparalleled connection to the ski, ensuring high levels of control and maneuverability.

Vapor Chassis

The Vapor Chassis pushes the boundaries of boot technology by utilizing a three-part mold to form a rigid lower skeleton. This design offers the control of a hard shell but stays true to the boot’s hybrid style by ensuring a perfect fit and connection to the ski.

Boa Integration

The Boa integration into the boots offers an instant response that’s exclusive to the Radar line. This feature transforms your skiing experience through a fast, customizable, and comfortable fit.

Intuition Liners

The boot’s exclusive partnership with Intuition ensures a heat-moldable, lightweight, pre-formed fit. Intuition foam provides a perfect fitting liner for ultimate performance.

Wrap Tech

Wrap Tech fuses the external skeleton of the boot to the base textile layer, giving the boot the ability to conform to the shape of your foot. This technology results in a better response from the boot, enhancing your overall skiing experience.

User Experience

One user shared their experience of using the Vapor boot since May of 2021, with a reflex setup right from the start. They appreciated the solid flat foundation that connects straight to the plate with a good amount of surface area to steer the ski from. 

They also liked the slightly softer cuff compared to the reflex, which made the transition smoother during waterskiing. The user felt a more balanced and controlled swing out to the buoy and a smoother move through the turn and reconnection to the handle. They also mentioned a custom rig they used to prevent sliding when the boot was mounted onto a plate.


Compatibility with Releasable Bindings

It’s important to note that the Radar boot does not have an agreement with any release manufacturer. Reflex, a popular binding manufacturer, has explicitly expressed that they do not endorse the use of unapproved boots with their release and hardware. If you’re considering pairing the Vapor boot with a releasable binding, it’s recommended to consult with the manufacturer or a waterskiing professional for advice.



At $349.99, the Radar Waterski Carbitex Vapor Boot is an investment in high-quality, cutting-edge technology designed to improve your waterskiing experience. The price reflects the innovative features and advanced design that the boot offers. If you’re serious about waterskiing and looking for a boot that can enhance your performance and comfort, it’s worth considering this product. You can check the current prices on Amazon for potential discounts or deals.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Cutting-edge technology: The boot incorporates several innovative technologies like Carbitex, Vapor Chassis, and Wrap Tech that enhance performance and comfort.
  • High reactivity: The use of Carbitex material makes the boot highly reactive, ensuring an excellent connection to the ski.
  • Comfortable fit: The boot offers a comfortable fit with its Boa integration and Intuition liners.
  • Hybrid structure: The boot’s hybrid structure, which combines a rigid lower skeleton with a flexible upper cuff, provides the perfect balance of control and movement.


  • Compatibility with releasable bindings: Some users might find the boot’s compatibility with releasable bindings to be a potential issue. It’s recommended to seek professional advice if you’re considering pairing the boot with a releasable binding.
  • Price: For some, the price might be a bit steep. However, considering the advanced technology and high performance it offers, the boot provides good value for money.



In conclusion, the Radar Waterski Carbitex Vapor Boot – Front Aluminum Plate – Left is a high-quality, innovative waterski boot that offers a great blend of performance, control, and comfort. While it might be on the pricey side, the advanced technology and high reactivity make it worth the investment for serious waterski enthusiasts. Its potential compatibility issues with releasable bindings are something to be aware of, but this should not be a deal-breaker for most. Whether you’re a seasoned waterskier or a beginner looking to upgrade your gear, this boot deserves your consideration.

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