What Makes RAVE Sports Steady Eddy Water Skis Perfect for Young Skiers?


Hi there! As a water skiing enthusiast and a regular advisor on all things related to the sport, I’m thrilled to bring you a detailed review of the RAVE Sports Steady Eddy Water Skis for kids. As a parent and a water sports lover, I understand the importance of a good set of skis for our little ones.

Water skiing is a thrilling water sport that requires balance, strength, and a love for speed and water. While it may seem complex, with the right equipment and guidance, your child can quickly pick up the basics and start enjoying the sport.


Water Skiing for Kids: An Introduction

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of our review, I thought it would be apt to talk a bit about water skiing for kids.

The Benefits of Water Skiing for Kids

Water skiing is an excellent sport for kids. It’s more than just a fun way to cool off in the summer; it’s a full-body workout that improves their overall strength, balance, and coordination. Plus, it’s a great way to instill a love for the outdoors and nature. Learning to water ski also builds confidence. As your child masters the art of standing on the skis and gliding over the water, their self-esteem is likely to soar.

Choosing the Right Skis for Your Child

Choosing the right water skis for your kids is a task that requires careful consideration. It’s not just about finding a smaller version of adult skis. The ideal pair should be safe, reliable, easy to use, and most importantly, designed with the child’s enjoyment in mind.


About RAVE Sports

When it comes to reputable brands in the water sports equipment arena, RAVE Sports is a name that often comes up.

RAVE Sports: A Brand You Can Trust

RAVE Sports is known for their quality, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction. They manufacture a wide range of water sports gear, from inflatables to towables and, of course, water skis.

Why RAVE Sports for Kids’ Water Skis?

What sets RAVE Sports apart is their understanding of the specific needs of young skiers. They make sure their products aren’t just smaller versions of adult gear. Instead, they’re designed and manufactured with the safety, abilities, and fun-factor of children in mind.


Review of the Steady Eddy Water Skis for Kids

With that background, let’s delve into our main topic—the RAVE Sports Steady Eddy Water Skis for kids.

Unboxing the Steady Eddy

Upon unboxing, I was immediately struck by the look and feel of the Steady Eddy skis. They boast a robust construction that screams quality—something that’s always appreciated when we’re talking about gear for our kids.


Diving into Details

In-depth look at the Steady Eddy’s features

Wide design and stabilizer bar

The Steady Eddy Kids Trainer Combo Water Skis by RAVE Sports are designed with a wide body that enhances stability. They include a stabilizer bar at the front of the skis and a rear strap that keeps the skis together, providing an additional layer of stability, particularly for those just starting to learn water skiing.

Double handle system

These water skis feature a unique, two-handle system. This system allows the skier to hold one handle while an instructor or observer pulls from the boat end. This design aims to ensure safety and instill confidence in new skiers.

Adjustable slide binding

The double density adjustable slide binding on these water skis is designed with comfort and support in mind. It is soft on the inside for comfort, but stiffer on the outside to provide necessary ankle support.


Suitability for children

Weight capacity and recommendations

The Steady Eddy Water Skis are suitable for riders weighing between 25 and 100 lbs (around 11 to 45 kg). This makes them an excellent choice for young children starting out in water skiing. The skis themselves weigh 11 lbs (5 kg), with dimensions of 46″ x 7″ x 1″ (117cm x 18cm x 2.54cm).


The Steady Eddy Experience

Ease of learning and control

The wide design of these skis, along with the stabilizer bar and rear strap, make them easy to control, thus reducing the learning curve for new skiers. Their unique two-handle system further supports this ease of learning by allowing an observer or instructor to control the pull from the boat.

Ankle support and comfort

The double-density adjustable slide binding ensures comfort and provides ankle support. It’s soft on the inside, making it comfortable for the wearer, while the outer part is stiffer to provide the necessary ankle support.

Safety considerations and features

The Steady Eddy’s safety features include a two-handle system that allows an observer to drop the rope if the skier falls. This feature prevents new skiers from being dragged by the boat, a common mistake for beginners who might forget to let go of the rope when they fall.


Pros and Cons of Steady Eddy Skis for Kids

The pros of the Steady Eddy skis are many. They are safe, reliable, easy to use, and perform well. They also have the backing of a trusted brand in water sports. As for the cons, the higher price may be a deterrent for some, but I believe the investment is justified.


Price and Where to Buy

Quality comes at a cost, and the Steady Eddy Skis are a bit pricier than some other kids’ skis on the market. But considering their quality, safety features, and how well they perform, I’d say they’re worth every penny. You can check the current prices on Amazon.


Final Verdict: Are They Worth It?

The Steady Eddy Skis are a fantastic choice for any parent wanting to give their kids a safe, fun, and efficient introduction to water skiing. They’re particularly well-suited to beginners, thanks to the stability and ease of use they offer.

To wrap it up, the RAVE Sports Steady Eddy Water Skis for kids are a high-quality, well-performing pair of skis that put a premium on safety. They’re a worthy investment if you’re looking to introduce your children to the exciting world of water skiing.


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