The SUREWO Quick Release Head Strap Mount: Breaking Down the Ultimate Action Camera Accessory

As someone who practically lives in the water, be it surfing, kayaking, or just exploring the underwater world, finding gear that complements these activities without hindering them is crucial. The SUREWO Quick Release Head Strap Mount caught my eye as a versatile accessory for my GoPro and other action cameras. Its promise of easy, secure camera mounting, and compatibility across a range of devices made it a must-try. This review is my take, after putting it through the paces in the environments it’s meant for.

Unboxing the SUREWO Head Strap Mount

The excitement of trying out new gear never gets old, and unboxing the SUREWO head strap mount was no exception. It presented itself in a compact, no-nonsense packaging that hinted at the practicality of the product inside. Included were the head strap, a quick-release buckle, and a straightforward manual that made setup seem like child’s play. The initial touch and feel of the mount gave off a vibe of durability and quality craftsmanship.

Design and Build Quality

Holding the SUREWO head strap in my hands, its design struck me as thoughtfully minimalist. It has no unnecessary bulk or flashy elements, just a sleek, functional form. The materials felt premium, a combination of lightweight yet robust fabrics and plastics that promised endurance without the weight. Its stitching and adjustable straps showed great attention to detail. Also, the quick-release mechanism operated with a satisfying click that reassured me of its secure hold.


Versatility is a big deal for me, as I switch between a GoPro Hero 11 for surfing and a DJI Osmo Action for more casual, on-the-go shots. The SUREWO didn’t disappoint, offering seamless compatibility with these models and more. The universal design meant I could use it across my camera collection. Definitely a huge plus for anyone with multiple brands in their gear bag.

Comfort and Fit

The true test of any head-mounted gear is whether you can forget you’re wearing it, and it passed with flying colors. Its adjustable straps allowed for a custom fit that felt secure yet surprisingly comfortable. Even if its worn over a wet suit hood. The mount stayed put through dives, jumps, and long paddles, never once slipping or causing discomfort.

Ease of Use

The quick-release feature of the SUREWO mount stood out for its convenience. Whether I needed to switch cameras or just wanted to detach the camera for a closer shot, the process was quick and intuitive. This ease of use meant I could focus more on the moment and less on fiddling with equipment, a huge boon when out on the water.

Performance in Watersports

I put the SUREWO to the test in a variety of watersport activities, from high-speed surfing to more serene kayaking sessions. In every scenario, it held the camera steady, proving its worth as a reliable mount. The front-facing perspective it provided was immersive, capturing the essence of each activity in a way that other mounts have failed to achieve.

Video Stability

Stability is key in action shots, and shaky footage is the last thing any enthusiast wants. Thankfully, the SUREWO head strap mount delivered stable, smooth footage across the board. Even during vigorous paddling and unexpected wipeouts, the mount kept the camera steady, ensuring that every frame was usable and clear.


Durability is a crucial factor, especially in saltwater environments. The SUREWO mount’s resilience impressed me, showing no signs of wear after repeated exposure to saltwater, sand, and sun. The materials resisted corrosion and maintained their integrity, a testament to the quality of construction and the suitability of the chosen materials for harsh conditions.

Maintenance and Care

Taking care of the SUREWO mount was straightforward. A simple rinse with fresh water and drying it out after each use was enough to keep it in prime condition. The low maintenance required is a significant advantage for anyone who, like me, prefers spending more time in the water than on gear upkeep.

Pros and Cons

The SUREWO head strap mount has much to offer, but it’s only fair to consider both sides.


  • Wide compatibility range
  • Comfortable, secure fit for long periods
  • Exceptional video stability
  • Durable, water-resistant materials


  • The price point might be a hurdle for casual users, though the value justifies the cost.


Quality often comes at a price, and the SUREWO head strap mount is no exception. It’s an investment in your watersports experience, providing reliability and quality that cheaper alternatives can’t match. I recommend checking the current prices on Amazon to find the best deal, as prices can vary.

Check the current price in Amazon


While there are less expensive options out there, they often compromise on the features that the SUREWO excels in—stability, durability, and comfort. If budget is a primary concern, it might be worth considering other options, but for a serious enthusiast, the SUREWO is a solid choice.

Personal Experience

My personal experiences with the SUREWO head strap mount have been overwhelmingly positive. From capturing a perfect wave ride to documenting tranquil moments on a serene lake, it has become an essential part of my watersports gear. The perspective it offers is unmatched, providing a true sense of presence in the footage that allows me to relive those moments.

Final Thoughts

The SUREWO New Quick Release Head Strap Mount stands out as a top-tier accessory for watersports enthusiasts. Its blend of design, durability, and performance makes it a worthy addition to any adventurer’s kit. For those committed to capturing their exploits with clarity and stability, it’s an investment that pays dividends in the quality of your footage and the ease with which you can capture those unforgettable moments.

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