Ride and Glide! The WOW Bingo Cockpit Tube Review You Need to Read

Hello, fellow boaters! As an avid water enthusiast, I’ve enjoyed countless hours cruising the waterways and partaking in water sports. One of my most beloved water activities is using towable tubes – the thrill and fun they offer are unmatched. Over the years, I’ve had the chance to try out different models, and today, I’m eager to share with you my insights on the WOW World of Watersports Bingo Cockpit Inflatable Towable Cockpit Tube. This review will cover its features, pros, cons, and everything else you need to know to make an informed buying decision.


Product Overview

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s start with an overview of the WOW Bingo Cockpit Tube. This product is an inflatable towable tube designed with a cockpit-style seating area. It’s a blend of adrenaline-pumping excitement and the peace of mind of safety. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker seeking high-speed excitement or a family looking for a fun and secure way for your kids to participate in water sports, this product has got you covered.


Key Features


One thing that stood out for me with the WOW Bingo Cockpit tube was its impressive durability. Built from a robust and heavy-duty PVC material, it can stand up against not just regular wear and tear, but also against the often harsh aquatic environment. Even after many uses in choppy waters and direct sunlight, it holds up brilliantly, maintaining its integrity and firmness.


The comfort of this inflatable towable cockpit tube is second to none. The cockpit seating is ergonomically designed and well-padded, providing a snug and cozy seating area. This design ensures you’re held securely, reducing the chances of you being thrown out even at high speeds. It’s a feature that makes long hours of fun on the water less tiring and more enjoyable.


This towable tube is roomy enough for two riders, making it a great choice if you like sharing the fun with a friend or family member. It’s big enough to accommodate adults comfortably but also safe for younger kids who are up for some water excitement.

Safety Features

Safety is a critical factor when it comes to water sports. The WOW Bingo Cockpit Tube doesn’t skimp on this. It features a high backrest and secure hand grips. These features keep riders secure, ensuring that even as you bounce and glide over the waves, you remain safe inside the cockpit.

Ease of Use

A unique feature of this towable tube is its quick-connect towing system. This system simplifies the process of hooking it up to your boat. This means less time spent on setup and more time spent having fun in the water.


In terms of performance, the WOW Bingo Cockpit Tube doesn’t disappoint. It provides a smooth, exhilarating ride and maintains good stability on both calm and rough waters. Regardless of the water condition, the tube performs consistently, offering a reliable and thrilling ride every time.



One of the significant strengths of this product is its versatility. It can cater to different types of riders – the adrenaline junkies looking for a thrilling ride, and those who prefer a more relaxed, leisurely water activity. It’s this flexibility that makes it an excellent option for families or groups with varied tastes in water adventure.


No product is perfect, and the WOW Bingo Cockpit Tube does have a couple of weaknesses. For one, it might be a bit too bulky for smaller boats to tow comfortably. And although the vibrant color adds to its aesthetic appeal, prolonged exposure to the sun might cause some fading over time.



Considering the features and benefits it offers, the price point of this towable tube leans toward the higher end. However, for the level of durability, comfort, safety features, and the overall performance it provides, I would say that it offers excellent value for money. Check the current prices on Amazon.


Value for Money

Although the WOW Bingo Cockpit Tube comes at a steeper price than some other options on the market, I firmly believe it offers exceptional value for the money. The quality, performance, and features you get for the price makes it a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re a boating enthusiast who values both fun and safety.



To wrap it all up, the WOW World of Watersports Bingo Cockpit Inflatable Towable Cockpit Tube for Boating is an outstanding product. Its strengths clearly overshadow its weaknesses. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a relaxing time on the water, this product delivers. Its blend of excitement and safety makes it a highly recommended buy for anyone seeking a memorable boating experience.

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